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Why not consider our Pet Plan instead of one-off payments? It offers you a 10% discount on everything not already included in the Plan. All vaccinations (except Kennel Cough) are included in our Pet Care Plan.

For non Pet Plan members, vaccinations are discounted by £2.50 each if more than one pet of the same species is presented at the same time.

Prices listed below include VAT at 20%.


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £37.00
Repeat Prescription Fee £20.05
Microchipping £20.35
Pet Passport + Rabies Vaccination £91.49


  Standard Price
First Vaccination at 10 weeks or older £60.80
Annual Booster Vaccination £48.00
Kennel Cough Vaccination £32.00
Neutering of Male Dog - under 45kg £175.50
Neutering of Male Dog - over 45kg £249.50
Spaying of Female Dog - under 25kg £204.00
Spaying of Female Dog - 25kg - 45kg £260.50
Spaying of Female Dog - over 45kg £328.50
Teeth scaling & polishing, incl. GA £162.50


  Standard Price
First Vaccination incl. Leukaemia £69.60
Annual Booster Vaccination incl. Leukaemia £46.80
Neutering of Male £54.50
Spaying of Female £73.50
Teeth Scaling & Polishing, incl. GA £131.89
Older Cat Screen £120.00


  Standard Price
Myxo & RHD Vaccination from 5 weeks of age £39.50
RHD2 Vaccination £19.00
Neutering of Male £68.00
Spaying of Female £91.75