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See our prices and fees below

Why not consider our Pet Plan instead of one-off payments? It offers you a 10% discount on everything not already included in the Plan. All vaccinations (except Kennel Cough) are included in our Pet Care Plan.

For non Pet Plan members, vaccinations are discounted by £2.50 each if more than one pet of the same species is presented at the same time.

Prices listed below include VAT at 20%.


Our first Consultation fee £53.80
Re-examination Consultation fee £49.50
Nurse Consultation fee £28.38
Microchipping £34.85
Prescription Fee £31.49
Direct Insurance claim fee per condition  £30.00


First Vaccination at 10 weeks or older £99.85
Annual Booster Vaccination £70.21
Kennel Cough Vaccination £50.84
Kennel cough at time of booster £35.90
Neutering of Male Dog 25kg £260.18
Neutering of Male Dog -25kg 45kg £311.75
Neutering of Male Dog - over 45kg £352.37
Spaying of Female Dog - under 25kg £343.72
Spaying of Female Dog - 25kg - 45kg £405.68
Spaying of Female Dog - over 45kg £466.07


First Vaccination at 9 weeks or older £99.85
Annual Booster £70.21
Neutering of male £90.44
Spaying of female                                                                         £122.18


Myxo-RHD Plus from 7 weeks of age £78.68
Neutering of male £133.80
Spaying of female £158.39

Direct Insurance Claim Fee

We have introduced a £30 fee for any direct insurance claim, this will come into effect from 1st September 2022. The Fee is per clinical condition.

Recently we have seen a considerable increase in the volume of insurance claims that we now have to manage on a weekly basis.  In addition to this there has been an increase in the additional information required by insurance companies.

This fee covers the cost of our administration team to manage your claim. Our commitment to you includes to

  • Complete the claim form and have it signed by the vet in charge of the case
  • Attach the full clinical history for your animal with the claim form
  • Write a report for the insurance company if requested
  • Provide any further information requested by the insurance company –for example x-rays.
  • Send it Promptly to the insurer electronically or by post

If you choose to have an indirect claim made, i.e payment made at the time of treatment, there will be no fee requested.

If you are a member of our PHC then there will also be no fee as this forms part of your benefits.