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Puppies - much joy, much work, and so much to learn -- for everyone!


White House Vets recommend you bring in your new puppy for an appointment as soon as possible.


We like to give a puppy  a thorough health check at about eight weeks of age. We can also discuss feeding, worming, socialisation, and any other concerns you may have.


We then start the vaccinations at ten weeks of age (though it can be started at 6 weeks), with a second dose at 14 weeks. Your puppy will have enough immunity ten days after the first vaccination to go out into the big world, and attend puppy training classes. The cost for the course is £60.80 (inc. VAT), and this includes the new L4 leptospirosis vaccine (included in the Pet care Plan).


Although your puppy will not be fully immune until ten days after the first dose, it is not necessary to totally isolate him until then. The first few months are important for developing good socialisation skills both with other dogs and their human companions, and for getting used to new experiences such as loud noises and travelling in the car.


Kennel cough vaccination is also available for an extra £32.00. This is particularly advisable if your puppy might be spending some time in a boarding kennels


We suggest you introduce your puppy to as many other dogs as possible. It's best if you arrange the meetings at your home and make sure the other dogs are healthy, vaccinated, and good-tempered. Similarly, arrange for your puppy to meet many different people, including children, and expose your new family member to as many different experiences as possible.


How does my Puppy learn

An excellent article by John Rogerson: click here



Both males and females can be neutered at any age but at six months of age is the best time.


Benefits of neutering males:

  • Stops him wandering off after bitches in season
  • Reduces "sexy" behaviour such as mating cushions and reduces frequent "leg-cocking"
  • Reduces aggression


Cost  (ten per cent reduction for Pet Care Plan members)

 under 40kg

  £175.50(incl VAT)

 over   40kg



Benefits of spaying females (ovaro-hysterectomy):

  • Prevents her coming into season (every six months is normal) and thus getting pregnant
  • Eliminates the risk of uterine problems such as pyometra later in life
  • Prevents mammary cancer when the surgery is carried out before her first season

Cost (ten percent reduction for Pet care Plan members)

under 25kg

£204.00 (incl VAT)

between 25kg and 45kg


 over 45kg



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