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There have been two cases of Alabama Rot - one confirmed and one suspected - in the Cradley/Suckley area. For more

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Mon-Fri     08:00 - 19.00hrs

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Also open Bank Holidays except
Christmas Day.


Appointments within 24 hours

After hours our emergency service is provided by our out of hours partner, VetsNow.


Just phone the normal number 01684 560940 (24hrs) to be automatically put through





- much joy, much work, and so much to learn - for everyone! White House Vets recommend you bring in your new kitten for a check-up as soon as possible. We'll check his/her physical health and discuss feeding, worming, and any other concerns you may have.





This can be started from nine weeks of age, with the second injection at twelve weeks. We advise you keep your new kitten indoors until after the second vaccination to allow the immune system to develop fully. We recommend that your kitten is vaccinated against cat flu, feline enteritis, and leukaemia, but there may be instances, particularly in older cats, where just the flu and enteritis vaccine will suffice.


Cost for the full course (inc. VAT)

       Flu, Enteritis, and Leukaemia            £69.60

This is included in the Pet Care Plan



The best time for neutering is 5 months of age, the advantages are:



  • Less likely to roam

  • Less aggressive

  • Less likely to develop annoying and destructive tom-cat habits such as urine spraying




A female kitten can come into season from six months of age (generally in the spring). She will then remain in season until she falls pregnant

  • No unwanted pregnancies

  • Eliminates the risk of uterine problems later in life

  • Eliminates behavioural issues when she is in season


Cost (inc. VAT)

         Male     (castration)     £49.40
         Female (spaying)         £66.90

Ten per cent discount with the Pet Care Plan



White House Vets Pet Care Plan – Helping smooth out the cost of caring for your pet(s)
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