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Fireworks and the thunderous noises and accompanying flashes and vibrations can surprise and frighten the most of resilient of us, but our pets don’t have the privilege of understanding what’s going on and can, if not managed appropriately, cause themselves and others injury.


So here we set out some tips and tricks to ensure whenever the fireworks occur, Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve and any other occasion that they are let one off our pets can remain as far as possible calm and safe.


Create a calm and safe environment for your pets


When fireworks are likely, make sure that all exercising and outdoor activity is carried out earlier in the day so that they are indoors during the most likely time fireworks will be used.


Close the curtains to deaden sound and reduce light flashes and increase background noise with tv or radio, apparently the best type of music is classical or reggae!


Increase your pet’s ability to cope


Stay with your pet, as long as possible, as this results in a calm and less frightened behaviour.


Create a den: use blankets, mixed materials, wood etc. and consider that whilst dogs cannot hear deeper frequencies, they can feel them. Lower frequencies are also non-directional and therefore difficult to escape from, so put insulation materials under the bed/den to stop transmission.


Give your pet the choice between different coping mechanisms: den, you, escape room or sofa for example.


Consider other methods of calming – medication or coats


Medication that mirror nature in that it acts similarly to a mother’s (e.g. a bitch) chemicals passed to an offspring (e.g. a pup) to aid its coping mechanism with what the world has in store.


We offer two main types: Adaptil (an appeasing pheromone) and Zylkene (derived from a protein found in bitches’ milk). See below for more information.


Alternatively, physical barriers such as Thunder Jackets can also assist.



Distraction as an alternative way of calming


Food, treats, toy and games all can help keep things calm.



Always make sure your animal is in a safe and secure environment so that he doesn’t bolt or escape if sudden noise occurs.



Other considerations:


Dogs with arthritis have been shown to have a heightened sensitivity to sound. Please make that your pet’s chronic condition is well controlled, and you have enough medication in supply to increase doses temporarily where appropriate and safe.


Other medication


If all else fails, we can prescribe other suitable medications for your dog. Please contact us in good time, as you may need to discuss this with a vet, and your dog may need a health check first.


Nurse consultations: £13.60


Telephone consultation: £22.20 - if a check-up is needed after consultation on the telephone then this will be an additional £16.80


Consultation: £37.00


ADAPTIL (appeasing pheromone)


Pheromones are naturally occurring substances that are released by bitches to help their puppies  respond calm and positive to a challenge. It has been shown that these reassuring properties persist into adulthood. Trials have shown an up to 80% improvement in clinical signs most frequently observed by owners such as panting, trembling, cowering and hiding.

How to best use Adaptil:


  1. Diffuser: £35.10, refill £29.76 It should be plugged in as close as possible to the bed/den of your pet. One diffuser is enough for one floor of a two-bedroom house.


  1. Transport spray:  60ml £35.03 This is particular useful for a more local effect (dog’s bed, carrier, den, thunder jacket) It can be used as a back-up to the diffuser.


  1. Collar: The collar has obvious benefits as it is on the dog all the time. Large dog: £35.57, small dog £33.58, junior £32.94 pup/small £32.29


  1. Express Tablets: These contain a unique combination of natural ingredients (amino acids and vitamins) and provide a fast and temporary calming effect. They should be given 2hours prior anticipated firework and can be repeated after 6 hours. 10 tablets £13.02 (1 tablet for 10-20kg, 2 tablets for 20-30kg, 3 tablets for dogs over 30kg)

All the above products can be used on their own or in combination to maximise the calming effect.




Like Adaptil, this is a natural product, derived from casein, a protein in the mother’s milk. This protein causes relaxation after ingestion and works for kitten/puppies and adult animals.


It comes in three sizes and is given once daily mixed with food. It is palatable and easy to give.


Zylkene 75mg    £6.97/10 capsules               up to 5 kg body weight                 1 capsule daily

                                                                    5-10kg body weight                      2 capsules daily


Zylkene 225mg £12.45/10 capsules               10-20kg body weight                    1 capsule daily


Zylkene 450mg £20.80/10 capsules               20-40 kg body weight                   1 capsule daily

                                                                     Over 40kg body weight                 2 capsules daily



Correct at 31 October 2020 - Ref: IG/PRB - Rev1

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